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wang chun-yan nyotalia! by ryuseidancer wang chun-yan nyotalia! :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 23 2 not human...not machine... by ryuseidancer not human...not machine... :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 9 10 nyo!china sketch by ryuseidancer nyo!china sketch :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 23 4 mei ling zhou by ryuseidancer mei ling zhou :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 6 0 aqua copics by ryuseidancer aqua copics :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 5 0 amphitrite by ryuseidancer amphitrite :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 19 4 tigris and euphrates by ryuseidancer tigris and euphrates :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 17 14 our hearts on display by ryuseidancer our hearts on display :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 13 2 best libero by ryuseidancer best libero :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 15 5 mess by ryuseidancer mess :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 38 26
candy bracelets [Yamaguchi x Reader]
“Okay, first close your eyes, [First name]. I’ll lead you to a place I found. I think you’ll like it.”
“Okay, Tadashi!” You made his heart spin whenever you said his first name. Perhaps because it was an intimate thing to do, but it was okay; he had said it was when you two began dating just a few weeks ago. Even now, he couldn’t help but smile bashfully at what an amazing girl he managed to land! He shyly takes your right hand in his gentle ones, gazing into your eyes. You could see the bright city lights reflecting off his eyes and perfectly freckled skin; stars, you had called them. The noise around you two seemed to dull down just a bit as he spoke.
“We have to walk a bit before we get there, but I promise, you’ll like it.” Yamaguchi has an air of confidence today, which is actually pretty unusual for him. He normally hides behind his friend Tsukishima whenever possible, but it seems that when he's with you, he feels he ha
:iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 70 32
unrequited love [Sugawara x Reader]
“Even though I like you, Sugawara, even though I’ll never reach you no matter how much I chase you…even though it hasn’t gone away...”
This was difficult; you knew it would be before you decided to do this. The emotions that were bottled up in your heart, ranging from love and lust, to sadness, and even anger, were all ready to explode, taking the form of hot tears streaming down your face, reddened cheeks, and a recurring whine in your voice. “...I don’t want to be defeated by love.”
The boy’s eyes soften at your sudden outburst. He stands a few feet in front of you, awkwardly holding a gift of homemade chocolate you gave to him just a few moments ago, before you began crying hysterically and admitting your love for him. A love he couldn’t return. The sky above your heads appeared heavy and ashen, a sure sign of rain. But you weren't finished telling him what you had stored inside for almost two years, and you promised
:iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 56 30
i don't care [Nishinoya x Reader]
“When we met, I knew then, that there was something cool about you.”
Even though some my friends didn't notice it at all, I did. He stood out to me like vivid fireworks stand out against a dark summer sky. The first time we met, we stayed out all night and counted all the stars, laying out on a beach. I remember it well; the air was cool and salty. The wind made my hair all sticky, but he didn’t care. His spiky hair was probably the same way. The waves lapped at our bare feet, mighty blue tides with delicate white foam frosting the edges. It was beautiful. That same night, my friends were back at the house near the shore, most likely partying and having a good time. Though, I’m sure if I had stayed with them, I never would have had this encounter.
He just smiled at me; his unique, lovely, perfect smile that could put the sun’s brilliance to shame. “You think so? I kinda thought the same about you.”
Being next to him makes me feel warm. Safe. Li
:iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 111 14
you were the reason [Sugawara x Reader]
So near and yet so far,
God knows where you are,
Show us a better way,
To a brighter day...

Seen through the eyes of love, you know the world may seem like a better place. And yet, when you realize it, there’s so much pain before your very eyes.
“Hey [First Name], I wanted to talk to you...about us…”
It’s one thing to be alone, and it’s something completely different, and painful, to be lonely. Right now, you were both.
“I don’t think things are working out between us…”
You stifle a cry, suddenly remembering the incident from two days ago. It was as if someone threw a punch at your chest and knocked the wind out of you; the pain of that moment was just too much. Hot tears are threatening to drown your vision, causing your bedroom to look blurry and unfocused. You blink hard to regain clarity, but the tears keep flowing. You clench your teeth to keep from sobbing, and toss around fitfully in
:iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 72 18
if what he said is true.... by ryuseidancer if what he said is true.... :iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 4 2
soup [Kuroo x Reader]
“Oh, God. This has got to stop.” You told yourself as you raised your sleeved arm to wipe your runny nose. “This is ridiculous…”
It was late fall, so colds were becoming common around this time of the year. You, unfortunately, had managed to contract it from Hinata, who was at school insisting it was nothing, yet sneezed himself two feet in the air. It wasn’t until Sawamura Daichi gave him a pat on the back and gently told him to go home and rest that he did leave, and left everyone else sneezing in his wake.
You decided to get up off the couch and go get something to eat. Mom was away at work, and she had asked you before if you wanted something to eat, but you had simply shrugged it off, denying the fact that you were sick. Now that it’s worsened, you were all alone at home and hungry.
Your nose was completely stuffed, making your voice sound nasal and funny. “Hmm...what do sick people eat...uhh...oh, soup!” A lightbulb went off i
:iconryuseidancer:ryuseidancer 176 19

fine and dandelion by the ethnographers


OH AND MOST DEFINITELY looking eyes, holding hearts, fav 

i got the game about two weeks ago and failed one run, so i picked it back up three days ago and finished just yesterday, was a little disappointed bc i didn't find slash in the city. fuck the city. so i didn't get the true ending so i'm going for that. i LOVE the little thing going on between heart and slash, so so cute :heart: and the amazing soundtrack!



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